Simple Way To Make Buttons Without A Button Maker

Badge pins (buttons) are a cool way to funk-up and personalize otherwise drab bags/clothing /purses etc. Pin or stick them anywhere you want for that unique touch. With your own easy-to-make circular badge pin. So let us get started.

There Are Loads of Ways

Choose the technique that is viable and easiest for you some include:

  • Recycling Existing Buttons

Chances are if you love buttons you might have some laying around. You can reuse old buttons, find the size you want. They do not necessarily have to be the same size but if they aren’t, you’ll need to make different sized images.

Recycling Existing Buttons

The images have to be sized correctly for the button diameter; get the image or graphic you intend to have on the button. (Note: Do test sheets on regular paper first, to make sure the image comes out the right size). Being as careful as you possibly can, using sharp scissors cut out the image.

Now comes the gluing part, rubber cement will be the best glue to use. This is strong and creates a very flat appearance.

  • The Use of Snap-In Buttons

Buy snap-in casing buttons. These can be found online and in craft stores. They come in a variety of sizes and quantities, it is recommended you buy in bulk if you are up for it as it’ll save you some money.

For this method likewise of the previous one, you should print your image on regular printer paper. Make sure it is the correct size for the button diameter. The image should be facing the bottom part (bowl). Snap-in the pin-back. That’s all there is to it! No gluing required for this method.

And a quick side notes this type of pin casing can also be reused. Simply pull the button apart and attach a new graphic and you got yourself a new button.

In Conclusion

If you are so passionate about buttons it will be wise to get yourself a button machine. Sure it’ll cost you some money but you should view it as an investment rather than your money going to waste. Like come on people spend hundreds on clothes and shoes they wear like, once a year.

Likewise there are small, simple versions that are available for cheap but these often produce a not-so-good-looking button. If you want to produce a nice final product you should invest more and you will have a lot more room for experimentation. Good luck and get funky.