How to Round Wood Edges Without Router?

How to Round Wood Edges Without Router

A router comes in handy in a lot of ways and is a versatile tool to have in the shed, but you can cut a few corners here and there and make do with what you have laying around. As per told everything can be jerry-rigged with a bit of elbow grease

What Do You Actually Need?

  • A hand plane
  • Clamps (to hold the work surface in place)
  • Different grits of sandpaper
  • Compass and a ruler (for accurate measure)

Getting Started

Starting off, clamp your plank down securely making sure it doesn’t wobble around and trace a guide on where you want the curve to start, and use a compass if it seems convenient.

After sketching out the outline, set-up the plank in an upright position and again clamp down according to the edge that you are going to round down.

Make the first stroke at 45° with the plane and apply gentle pressure. You should have little to no scrapings; the first stroke is to make you judge how much pressure you are going to apply.

Getting Down to Business

After the first few strokes, you should see the first bevel form. After the first few strokes, you should see the first bevel form. Make it according to your desired width and proceed.

Getting Down to Business

Afterward, you should get on the newly formed edge, and the same process applies here. Even strokes until the edge evens out. Repeating the process will leave a round edge with constant bumps leading to the next gradient.

One important thing to note is that you should leave a bit of a margin from your tracings. This will help with the next point.

Smoothing Things out

If you want a refined-looking edge without jagged bevels, you’ll have to sand out the round. Depending on gradients you choose, you should pick your starting grit of sandpaper starting with 30, which is deemed as coarse and making your way up to 150 for an extra smooth and fine finish.

Finishing Off

Follow these steps and have patience, because good things take time. One can’t hone the art of craftsmanship in one night; find passion and have fun in what you do. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the flow.

Happy Crafting!