How to Change a Boat Trailer Tire?

How to Change a Boat Trailer Tire

If you are on the way to the lake boat in tow. And the trailer gets a flat tire it’s a fairly simple job to change but a little different from changing a car tire let us show you the safe and right way. It is sure to impress your kids and wife if you can pull it off on your own, so let’s get right into it.

How to Do It

First things first, if you notice a flat pool as far off the roadway as possible and onto a level surface use your emergency flashers and engage the parking brake, if you have them set up.

Safety triangles or flares get your jack and look to see if you’ll have the necessary clearance to insert it with enough room for the new fully inflated spare tire to clear the ground.

How to change

You may have to improvise with a block of wood either under the jack or under the tire to achieve the right height. Insert the jack under the frame or axle as close as possible to the flat tire. It’s important that you select a solid location before you start jacking up the trailer listen to lug nuts while the wheel is still on the ground, this prevents the wheel from turning.

Once loosened start jacking until you have clearance for the new fully inflated spare tire. Remove the nuts and replace the tire with the new spare if you need to, it’s okay to jack up a little more to get the tire to fit. Then tighten the lug nuts by hand and snug them with a lug wrench give the tire spin to be sure nothing is hung up.

It’s important that you don’t use lubricant or anti-seize on your lug bolts. Now release the jack to make final tightening easy tighten in an alternating pattern and retighten them; after driving a bit. We would also like you to know the leading cause of boat trailer tire failure is under-inflation so be sure to check your tire pressure.

Ending Thoughts

Dealing with a flat tire is like a scene right from a Hollywood movie, and is sure to turn a few heads if you can DIY it. Have the confidence in yourself it is not that different from changing a car’s tire. You just have to put in that tiny ounce of effort that’s it. Good Luck!