How Id Card Printer Works?

How Id Card Printer Works

Many organizations use plastic or PVC card printers to produce staff ID membership cards and access control passes alike. These might be essential in how the business functions. You may ask how does an ID card printer work?

Let’s take a look at an ID card printer and how it operates.

The Process

The printers uses colored ribbons or fills to print a design onto the face of a plastic card. There are two main components of any conventional plastic card printer these are as follows: a thermal print head and the printer ribbon the print head that heats up as the card and ribbon run underneath it.

Causing the color pigment on the ribbon to transfer onto the card the card runs through the printer once for each color as the panels are applied. One by one the print head heats and cools rapidly to allow intricate design elements as you might see the designs of many cards that are transferred onto the panels of the printer ribbon.

This is because the print head has transferred the color from the ribbon onto the face of the card once the colors have been applied a clear overlays added over the top which seals in the colors and ensures that the print is durable for typical everyday use the card is then fed into the output hopper and is ready to use.

What Type Of Printer Do You Need?

Depending on the size of your establishment, you may only need to print several cards at a given time, or you may prefer a card printing machine that can produce hundreds of cards at once.

If you aren’t planning on printing a lot of intricate graphic based cards or just straight up photo ID cards with your printer, you may only need a monochrome or black and white card printer; however, a full-color printer will give you much more design freedom and flexibility which you won’t regret in the long run.

What Type Of Printer Do You Need

Streamline the inner workings of your office, boost sales at your retail business or offer enhanced services and school security to your students and staffs. For example: Cards carry a chip which is programmable to carry data specific to your needs.

Time cards that may use a magnetic stripe or a smart chip, your staff can use their ID cards to clock in and out with a single swipe or scan. If you’re on a budget, there are many printer manufacturers that you can look up that may offer inexpensive magnetic stripe encoding.

To Summarize

An ID card printer is a complex machine with a lot of parts and getting to know how it functions is a key component when buying one. Where you can be the judge at what you want and how you want them to perform. Hope you got a glimpse into how it operates good luck when it comes to choosing one.